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Post-Social Media

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Right now social media is hot. Burning hot like the sun, with agencies
and clients swirling around giving-off all sorts of hot-gasses.

But the demise of social-as-specialism is already underway. Whilst
marketers argued over who had the right to sit at the top table as
chief social media counsel, they failed to see that everyone has a
right to (and a responsibility towards) social media. Social is
relevant to all the marketing disciplines because its bigger than
marketing communications. Social media is already giving way to social
business as Jeff Dachis and others have argued for a while.

Social monitoring, into which companies are leaping head-long, leads
to one inevitable conclusion; people talk about brands without
respecting the borders of the brand’s marketing department. Customer
service complaints on your promotional facebook page? Deal with it.
Companies need advisors who can see beyond social as marketing
amplification. They need people who can socialise their businesses.
Who would you entrust that task to?

If you’re a social media type sitting in a marketing agency, your true
purpose is to socialise your company’s culture and operating model.
Teach them about dialogue, participation, sharability, being nice,
being always-on, being fast. Show them the power of lo-fi content and
shareworthy applications. Help them rebuild their processes to move at
the speed of culture, not the speed of antiquated production.

In the post-social world, social, like digital, will be intrinsic to
every department, to every supplier, to every employee, to every
marketing agency. And just as the first generation digital agencies
are integrating vertically to offer clients non-digital strategic
advice and offline creative services, so it will be for the social
media specialists. Integrate, get bought or die.

Sure social tactics are useful (if increasingly just another form of
marketing wallpaper) but clients need intellgent, data-driven
strategic advice and we all know that the best and most social objects
will always be original ideas. So who’s got those skills at their
disposal today?

The success of social will be its total integration into every
department and into every agency. The mark of of a social specialist’s
sucess will be her own redundancy. Social will eat itself.


Written by misterthreesixty

August 20, 2010 at 5:11 pm

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